Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing

  • Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing,Haichuang Medical
  • Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing,Haichuang Medical
  • Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing,Haichuang Medical
  • Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing,Haichuang Medical
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Two hundreds and seventy seven burn patients were randomly divided into treatment group (group T) and control group (group C). The burn wounds were covered with carbon fiber dressing in T group, and with povidone iodine gauze in C group, respectively. The absorption capability of the dressing, inflammatory reaction and bacteria quantitation of wound tissues and wound healing time were observed, and biopsy of wounds were performed.
The absorption capability of the dressing was higher, the wound inflammatory reaction was milder, and bacteria quantitation of wound tissues was lower in the group T than that in group C. The wound healing time in the group T was shorter than that in group C.
Carbon fiber dressing is a new model dressing, it can absorb wound exudation, lessen inflammatory reaction and improve wound healing.

Breathable Carbon Fiber Wound Dressing 

Suitable for Bi-FixTM Surgical Wound Closure Set

[ Model specifications ]




10 cm×10 cm、10 cm×15 cm、10 cm×20 cm、10cm×25 cm、10 cm×30 cm、20 cm×30 cm、30 cm×45 cm

Round Type


[ Product structure ] 

This carbon fiber dressing consists of a non-woven fabric substrate, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, carbon fiber core, and release paper.

[ Scope of application ]

This carbon fiber dressing is suitable for rapid drying, covering and nursing of non-chronic wounds such as suture wounds and mechanical wounds after surgery.

[ Product performance index ]

1. Non-woven tape holding viscosity should not be greater than 2.5 mm

2. The peel strength of non-woven tape should not be less than 1.0 N / cm

3. Sterilized by radiation and should be sterile

4. Non-cytotoxic

5. No skin irritation

6. No delayed hypersensitivity

[ Instructions ]

1. Use disinfectant or water to clean the stain around the wound and wipe dry.

2. Choose products of different specifications according to the size of the wound.

3. Open the package and remove the dressing.

4. Peel off the release paper, point the dressing core at the wound surface, and then apply the dressing to the skin wound and gently touch the backing around the dressing.

[ Precautions ]

1. This product is for one-time use and it is forbidden to reuse it.

2. This product is a sterile product. Do not use it if the packaging is damaged.

3. Clean and disinfect wound site before use. Wipe off blood or water stains and remove disinfectant residues to avoid affecting the viscosity of the product.

4. If there is too much fluid in the wound during the use of this product, the dressing should be changed in time.

5. This product is a hypoallergenic product. If allergy occurs, please stop using it immediately.

6. Skin wounds must not contain foreign objects that cannot be removed. Deeper wounds, animal bites and other skin wounds are recommended to consult a professional doctor for treatment

7. After using this product for more than a week, there is no tendency to heal skin wounds or the symptoms to worsen. Please consult a doctor immediately.

[ Icon Illustration ]



Radiation sterilized

No secondary use

Refer to the instruction manual

Do not use if the packaging is broken

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