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On August 16, 2016, the Hangzhou Daily A6 published a full-page report titled "Living for Entrepreneurship, Prospering with Innovation-The Road to Double Innovation in the Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang Economic Development Zone)". With a manuscript of "Technology Lights Life, Achievements Benefit People's Livelihood", we introduce in detail the "Non-invasive Skin Stapler" product that has just been developed and marketed by Zhejiang Haichuang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

The article reports: This skin wound closure product based on medical hydrocolloid is suitable for suture of superficial skin wounds. "Different from the traditional suture methods such as needles, nails, glue, zippers, etc., non-invasive skin anastomosis technology will not cause secondary trauma to the wound." Gu Wen, director of the research and development department of Haichuang Medical said, as if on both sides of the wound After setting up the bridge, slowly closing the bridge, the surface wound can be seamlessly connected.

Don't underestimate this non-invasive stapler, it already has 3 invention patents such as appearance and utility model, and it has also brought good economic benefits to the enterprise.

Indeed, "entrepreneurial innovation, speak with technology"-is the core foundation for the development and growth of our company.

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