Applications of Bi-Fix in Orthopedics Surgeries

Bi Fix Applied in Orthopedics Surgery Wound Closing

Shoulder Surgery

orthopedic Surgerywound closurewound closure device
Application in Humerus Fracture Fixation Surgery
Post Operative Incision Appearance

Hip Replacement Surgery

orthopedic Surgery

wound closure

The above pictures depict two arc incisions applied Bi-Fix incision closure sets in hip replacement surgery. In the arc incision cases, surgeons used multiple small size pieces (2 cm and 4 cm) to close the wounds properly. 

Leg surgery

wound closure devicewound closurewound closure
The long wound applied with staples and Bi-Fix closure set meanwhile
The appearance  of wound after removal of staples and Bi-Fix

Wrist Surgery

wound closure device

This picture shows a 6 cm long Bi-Fix incision closure device applied on a wrist sugical cut. Surgeons made the skin edge slightly raised with adjusting the device for the purpose of better healing.

Before applying Surgical Incision Closure Set, it is necessary to clean the skin surface around the incision with antimicrobial solution and wait the wound surface to be completely dry for best adhesion. 

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